Student Union - Mone Fly

Monée Fly
The Art Institute
Houston, Texas

Second Thoughts
The photos tell you pretty much everything about Monée’s choice of a second career. Photography was a passion—“definitely what I wanted to spend my second career doing,” she says—but food photography in particular…well, that kind of snuck up on her.

“I didn’t have any idea about a specialty until I took the large format class and worked with the 4x5 camera for product photography. That led to food photography, and I found out it was something I really liked.” Add a class in styling, a love of cooking, and an internship with a local photographer who numbers food among his specialties and, as Monée says, “everything fell into place.”

The photos here, by the way, were taken in Monée’s home studio with a prosumer D-SLR. “Rather than fighting to get studio time at school, it made sense for me to have my own setup.”

Monée graduated in September from The Art Institute’s three-year program, and is confident about the future. “I was a hairdresser for 19 years and I’ve been self-employed since I was 18. I can do food, product, interior and architectural photography—I’m ready to explore the market.”

All Photos © 2010, Monée Fly, All Rights Reserved

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