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Many image editing applications claim to provide “one click optimization.” Most of the time, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. This software is different; it delivers. Radiant Photo from Radiant Imaging Labs analyzes your image and suggests a preset as a starting edit. Accept their judgement or change to the preset of your choice. From there, proceed using your own presets, perform a Quick Edit, or progress into a Detailed Edit and Color Grading. But the story is not what Radiant Photo does, it’s about how Radiant does it. Which is pretty cool.

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Photography is all about maximizing light, and landscape photographers are always at the mercy of prevailing conditions. The quick tutorial below demonstrates how to make necessary adjustments in Lightroom when Mother Nature fails to cooperate.

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Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced shooter it’s likely that a few “bad habits” are stifling your growth and preventing you from realizing your true potential. Today we’ll discuss how avoiding three common impediments will greatly expand your skills when shooting in the field.

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It’s not uncommon to return from a daylong photo shoot with dozens if not hundreds of images or more. And that means spending hours behind the computer separating rejects from potential keepers before you can begin editing.

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When we discuss boring landscape photos the problem is usually the result of improper exposure, flat lighting, or unappealing colors. Hence, the solution typically involves adjustments made during editing process.

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We all hear about so-call “hidden” editing tools that deliver great results. But while many of these methods are effective, some are quite familiar to photographers of all skill levels.

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How long has it been since you cleaned out your camera equipment bag? Take a look right now. If you’re still hanging on to gear that you haven’t used in the past six months (six weeks for truly active photographers) it may be time to shed the old or underused stuff and buy the equipment you need to expand your abilities—and your portfolio. This is where MPB, the online platform to buy, sell or trade used photo and video gear, can help.

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WotanCraft, maker of handsomely designed camera shoulder bags, photo backpacks and accessory pouches, recently introduced a lineup of finely crafted leather camera neck straps and wrist straps. They’re all available now in a variety of colors and styles, including a series that features Peak Design Anchor Links.

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Last week we brought you a basic primer on achieving maximum sharpness in the camera, regardless of the subject or lens you use. But long telephotos are a unique case, requiring even more precision and careful techniques.

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Winter is officially over and spring has finally sprung, and that means it’s time to pull out a macro lens and bone up on your skills. The quick video below provides five very helpful tips that are different from those we’ve discussed in the past.