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Here's an enlightening Lightroom tutorial from the Dream Life YouTube channel that kills two stubborn birds with one stone. On the one hand you'll learn a tried-and-true method for exporting high-quality images. The bonus is that this method accomplishes the task while saving

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Announcing the winners of GuruShots' "The Art of All Black" photo challenge! The talent and creativity displayed in this competition were truly remarkable. 

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Street photography is a popular genre that relies upon many of the same techniques that are so familiar for shooting landscapes, cityscapes, environmental portraiture and other outdoor imagery. It’s also an accessible fallback when you can't travel far from home because most of us have a nearby city or town where numerous photo opportunities abound.

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Are you having problems getting the tint right between green and magenta, or between yellow and blue tones? Well, join the club. It's all about achieving proper White Balance during post processing—a popular and transformative topic of concern to amateurs and pros alike.

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We've all heard horror stories about memory card failure in the field, when the photographer didn't have a spare in their bag. When this nightmare occurs you lose images you've already made, and there's no way to continue shooting.

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Landscape photographers typically rely upon wide-angles lenses because a short focal length is often the best tool for capturing expansive vistas. Sometimes, however, we need more reach to accentuate distant elements that are the key to a shot. So what's your best option in situations like this when your telephoto lens is resting at home?

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This comprehensive macro tutorial from the Naturefold YouTube channel is designed for those new to the genre. Yet, everything discussed will prove equally helpful if you've given closeups a try and were disappointed with your results.

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The Tamron 18-300mm zoom has already made its bones in the Sony E (APS-C) mount. But how about the Fujifilm X version? Is it truly "Everything in one?" Here we test it on a Fujifilm X-T5.

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Today's tutorial from landscape pro Steve Arnold begins with an attention-grabbing question: "What if I told you there are two things you can start doing right now that will save you hours in Photoshop, freeing you up to editing more photos in less time?"

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Snapseed is a superior app for photographers on the go who edit images on a smartphone or tablet, and it's available in versions for both iOS and Android users. This tool offers a wide array of features for beginners and experienced users alike, and it would be a great choice even if you had to pay for it.