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Have you ever come across the Color Calibration panel while editing an image in Lightroom but were unsure what these tools achieve and how they work? If so, the quick tutorial will set you straight by explaining how the the various sliders can but used for a variety of purposes.

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We all strive for photos that stand out from the crowd and hopefully convey a style all our own. In the quick tutorial below you’ll learn 10 pro tips and tricks for shooting images that don’t look like those captured by “the Average Joe with a mobile phone.”

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The tutorial below is for all of you who’ve grown tire of hearing “purists” proclaim that, “Unless you turn your mode dial to M you’re not a real photographer.” As we’ve said before, that’s a lot of bunk, as numerous pros regularly shoot in Aperture or Shutter Priority depending upon the assignment.

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All of us want to do a thorough job of processing photos, but we also want to do so as quickly and efficiently as possible. That way we can get back out in the field with a camera and do what we love most.

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What if you could access every image in your photo library while traveling – and rely on a simple solution to protect the photos you capture on the road?

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Sometimes we edit outdoor photos to make them more closely resemble what we saw through the viewfinder. Other times, especially when shooting on drab days, the goal is to add some punch so the images look as they would under better conditions.

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One of the most common questions inexperienced photographers ask themselves is, “why aren’t my images sharp?” When this frustrating dilemma occurs often it may actually discourage shooters from pursuing their hobby.

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When I started in photography my pictures were factual; they fulfilled the “here’s what it looked like” requirement and checked off all the familiar guides: a clearly-defined subject; properly placed leading lines; the rule of thirds obeyed; backgrounds taken into careful consideration. But they were static images, and there was no real communication of what the images were about.

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It’s easier to get started in film photography than you may think, and you’re sure to enjoy the ride. If you’re even vaguely thinking about shooting some film, read this story. It’s a compendium of everything you need and where to get it. 

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We occasionally post tutorials on shooting boudoir images from both male and female experts in the craft. This particular episode is just for the dudes, with a delicate but important subject that needs to be addressed.