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Here's a great tutorial for those of you who shy away from people pictures due to the misconception that a studio, expensive lighting equipment, or advanced skills are required to capture impressive portraits.

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Most photographers understand why the Curves tool is so effective for achieving optimum tonal adjustments with just about any photos you shoot. Today we'll let you in on a little secret that enables users of all skill levels to employ Curves to the max for quick and precise results.

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The long and the short of it, Sigma America just announced two new full-frame prime lenses designed specifically for full-frame mirrorless camera systems. Joining the Sigma lens lineup are the world’s first f/1.4 diagonal fisheye and a rugged, lightweight Ultra-Tele.

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We're all looking for a creative edge when it comes to creating landscape images that really capture attention. One very effective technique is to use Lightroom's Split-Toning tools to enhance color and contrast.

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One filter that's in the bag of every experienced outdoor photographer is the versatile polarizer. Unfortunately, there's a lot of misinformation out there about the best way to use this affordable tool, and today's tutorial from Photo Masters clears up all the confusion in barely 12 minutes.

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Photographers—pros and amateurs alike—are in constant pursuit of maximum creative expression, streamlined workflow, and more time to spend creating and less time fidgeting with back-office chores. Zoner Photo Studio X is the passport to do all of this and much more. The incredible power and flexibility of ZPS X are outshined only by its seemingly endless creative prowess.

Here's the inside look and a small gallery of creative interpretations of an image anyone could capture, even with a smartphone.

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Featuring body-integrated image stabilization, a 40.2-megapixel back-illuminated X-Trans CMOS 5 HR sensor, and enhanced video capabilities, the new Fujifilm X100VI will be available in March 2024 at the MSRP of $1599 in black or silver colorways. "X100VI" is pronounced "X100 Six" as it's the sixth model in Fujifilm's popular X100 series which debuted at Photokina in 2010.

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Photo/drone accessory powerhouse PGYTECH has updated their popular OneGo Solo shoulder bag. Three sizes accommodate a wide assortment of cameras, lenses and other gear. Priced from $79.95, the PGYTECH OneGo Solo V2 series offers high quality, attractive styling and an innovative approach to carrying your stuff. But they're not perfect. Read on to view the Pros and Cons as we see them.

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When we consider the bonehead blunders photographers unwittingly commit, we usually think about gross mistakes that result in fuzzy or poorly exposed images. But the error in this story produces SHARP images that we want to abort at all costs. The common tragic bungle we're identifying is…

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The goal of today's video is to debunk a common myth that it's essential to always shoot in manual mode if you want to capture the best possible images. In fact, you may be surprised by why Aperture Priority is such a powerful choice for achieving consistently accurate exposures without fumbling around to change various other setting,