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The first thing most landscape photographers do upon arriving at a location is pull a trusty wide-angle lens out of their bag. It's true that telephoto lenses are growing in popularity for this purpose, but today's tutorial is all about making the most of whatever wide-angle prime or zoom that you own.

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So you photographed a gorgeous landscape scene with a great sky and beautiful colors throughout the frame, only to return home, view your "money shot" on the computer, and discover that the tones in the photo only vaguely resemble what you saw through the viewfinder.

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There's no better way to improve your skills than by borrowing wisdom from an accomplished photographer with years of professional experience. The tutorial below provides several "pro secrets" for doing just that when you're shooting outdoors.

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We repeatedly discuss the concept of sharpness because it's such a critical component of all really good images. But there's an oft-ignored concept that you may not have heard until now; revealing why some sharp images appear soft to you and the viewer .

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We're all looking for  creative edge to help us capture photos in the camera that stand out from the crowd. Today's tutorial from the In Your Fayes YouTube channel provides a fun hack using a simple "accessory" we're sure you have at home.

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Ever since Photoshop introduced the beta version of their new AI-based Generative Fill capability there's been a heated debate about what this means for photographers and the craft as a whole. Some folks greeted the news with excitement as a remarkable innovation, while others unabashedly say it spells doom for everyone with a camera.

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If you've ever spent hours searching for a photo that you know is somewhere in Lightroom or on your hard drive, you understand the pitfalls of sloppy organization. We're going to fix all that today with some great tips from British landscape pro Jethro Stebbings.

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Some of us miss out on great opportunities to capture images with maximum impact because we always shoot in color. One reason for this is that some scenes cry out loudly for a monochrome approach.

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Perhaps you're tired of us reminding you to use a tripod for outdoor photographs with maximum sharpness, but it's an undeniable fact. What's less understood are several simple methods for making the best use of this very important accessory.

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Leica just introduced the Leica Q3, the third generation Q, and Shutterbug was able to spend a fortnight with a production sample. Compared to its predecessor, nearly every major specification and feature has been enhanced—significantly. Not to tip our hand, but the Leica Q3 appears to be…