Another Take on the Canon 7D Mark II: Better Than DxO Mark’s Review? (VIDEO)

If you’re not so sure about DxO Mark’s much-discussed, negative review of the Canon 7D Mark II and you’ve got some free time on your hands (over 34 minutes, to be precise), you’ll want to check out the below video from photographer Tony Northrup. Titled “7D Mark II Image Quality: Is it as bad as DxO Mark Says,” the video breaks down DxO’s numbers and finds that Canon’s newest DSLR might be quite a bit better than that controversial review contends.

Word of warning though: Northrup’s analysis of DxO’s ratings is rather technical so make sure you’re fully awake before you start watching. If you’re interested in the 7D Mark II and were a bit confused by DxO’s findings, which stated that image quality from the camera’s APS-C sensor was worse than “some older, smaller Micro-Four-Thirds sensors” then you’ll want to spend the time watching the clip

And if you want to have a few laughs after Northrup’s sober analysis of the 7D II, check out this lighter video from him titled “Stuff that Annoys Wildlife Photographers.”

(Via ISO 1200)