Nikon D850 vs Sony A7R III Full Frame Camera Underwater Shootout (VIDEO)

If you’re considering buying a high-resolution full-frame camera, you’ve likely considered either the Nikon D850 DSLR or the Sony A7R III mirrorless camera. While these cameras have been heavily reviewed already (our D850 review is here and our A7R II review is here), we haven’t seen them compared directly against each other in quite the same way as the below shootout video.

Put together by Backscatter Video & Photo, which is a large purveyor of underwater imaging gear, the video pits the Nikon D850 vs the Sony A7R III in an underwater shooting comparison. In the video, Backscatter CEO Jim Decker and media producer Robin Dodd discuss the features, lenses, and performance of the two full frame cameras, and a few of the drawbacks of each.

“Over the last few months, we’ve had a chance to test two of the world’s most popular professional camera bodies, the Sony a7R III and the Nikon D850, to gauge their strengths and weaknesses shooting underwater,” Backscatter says in introducing the video.

“We’re trying out a bit of a new format with this video. It’s a long format but the discussion is filled with the kinds of details that us underwater photographers need to know. We hope you enjoy and please leave us some feedback letting us know whether you’d like to see more content like this!”

No, this is not about testing the cameras’ weather sealing, which is a notorious weakspot of the Sony A7R III. In the comparison test, both cameras are using protective underwater housings to shoot images of fish and other aquatic life along with shipwrecks, so it’s more about their image quality and performance for underwater photography.

Here are time codes for the various topics discussed in the video if you want to jump around:

0:30 - Why are we looking at these two cameras?
0:50 - What makes them cool?
1:40 - Dynamic Range
2:42 - Autofocus (Wide-Angle)
5:46 - Autofocus (Macro)
8:07 - Manual Focus and Focus Peaking
10:43 - Shooting Speed
14:39 - Lens Choices
17:20 - Metabones Performance
22:17 - Field Test Report
23:59 - Field Test Report: Roatan
30:15 - Field Test Report: Little Cayman
34:26 - Video Performance
42:24 - Sony a7R III video examples and discussion.
46:20 - Favorite things and weak points.
49:01 - Which one is for you? (conclusion)

You can read the full D850 vs Sony A7R III comparison review here, and see more of Backscatter’s videos here.

Via Nikon Rumors