Shutterbug Street Test Video: Capturing Nude Dancers with the Nikon D5 Full Frame DSLR in NYC

We took the new 20.8MP Nikon D5 full frame DSLR for a spin in New York City last week, putting it to the test as we captured nude and semi-nude dancers in Times Square and other city hotspots. Our mission was to test three main features of the Nikon D5: its ability to track dancers at high speed while firing off 12 frames per second bursts; it’s ability to capture subjects in low light at extremely high ISOs; and its ability to lock in focus in near total darkness.

Check out the Shutterbug Street Test video below to see our results. Many thanks to the dancers who participated in our test shoot – Alana Allende, Maleek Washington, Zui Gomez, and Reina Trifunovic – and to our photographer Jordan Matter, who is working on a book titled Dancers After Dark, which will be available in bookstores in October 2016.

And be on the lookout for our forthcoming, in-depth review of the Nikon D5 on