The Wish List: Manfrotto’s Versatile Pixi Mini Tripod Is Small But Mighty

A tripod is a must have item for photographers so we all have at least one in our gear bag or studio. While handy, there are times when it simply isn’t practical to carry around a standard size tripod and some places (such as museums) don’t allow one. Manfrotto’s versatile Pixi mini tripod is a handy solution to this dilemma.

As the name suggests the Pixi is a small, lightweight and durable device that can be used as a handy tripod (on a tabletop or any level surface) or as a comfortable grip (the tripod’s legs become a handle when closed). Designed for maximum portability—and offering stability for shooting still images and video—it can fit in your coat pocket, gear bag, backpack or handbag and can go places that a standard tripod (or monopod) can’t.

The Pixi can help you capture sharp images and steady video while exploring the city, enjoying a day at the beach or touring that museum. The universal attachment makes the Pixi compatible with a wide variety of devices from smartphones to compact cameras and even DSLRs. It is available in four fashion colors: black, red, white and pink and sells for just $28.

More info on the Manfrotto Pixi here.