Choose the Right Tripod and Use It Correctly and You’re Guaranteed to Make Better Images (VIDEO)

If there’s one photo accessory that’s guaranteed to improve your results, especially when shooting with long lenses and under low-light conditions, it has to be the often-overlooked tripod. In the video below photographer Phil Steele explains how to choose the right tripod for your needs and how to use it properly.

Conventional wisdom has always been to pick the sturdiest tripod that you’re willing and able to carry, but new technology and improved manufacturing techniques have resulted in a number of lighter more compact models that provide more than just a false sense of security.

In the video below, Steele reveals tripod features you may be unaware of, and shows you how to avoid “dumb mistakes” like using quick-release plates incorrectly and possibly damaging your gear. You can find more videos on Steele’s YouTube channel, and be sure to look at our recent review of a lightweight travel tripod from 3-Legged-Friend.