Why the SwitchPod Might Replace the GorillaPod for Photo Vloggers, According to Peter McKinnon

More and more Shutterbug readers are launching their own photography vlogging channels to share their work and wisdom, so we thought we’d spread the news about this latest tripod “find” from popular photo vlogger Peter McKinnon. In the below video, McKinnon talks about why he likes the new SwitchPod, which is designed as a “minimal, versatile, handheld tripod.”

In fact, the title of his video is “This thing is GENIUS!!!” so you could say that McKinnon likes it a lot.

The SwitchPod was created as an alternative to those ubiquitous, flexible GorillaPod tripods, which photo vloggers like because you can easily handhold them to shoot video of yourself from a flattering angle. Then, when you need to shoot video or photos on an uneven surface, just position the bendable GorillaPod tripod wherever you’d like, and you’ve got a stabilized shot.

The problem with GorillaPods though is their bendable tripod legs make them hard to hold and, sometimes, even harder to set up. GorillaPod’s flexibility also makes them unstable in some situations.

Enter the SwitchPod, which is designed to switch from a comfortable handholding position to stable tripod mode in seconds, thanks to its fast collapsing legs, which are held together by magnets.

“I do think this could be the replacement to the GorillaPod,” McKinnon says. “I am making this video because I fully and sincerely believe in this product.”

Watch the video below and see what McKinnon likes about the SwitchPod, along with a few things he doesn’t. The SwitchPod, which has already surpassed its goal on Kickstarter, officially launched yesterday and you can find out more about it here