WARNING: This Happens If You Open a $6K Canon 1D X Mark II Camera Yourself (VIDEO)

Before you get any crazy ideas about cracking open an expensive camera yourself, we should note that photographer Peter McKinnon says, “This was a REALLY” bad idea. After watching the video below where he tears down a Canon EOS-1D X Mark II DSLR, you’ll understand why.

We typically turn to McKinnon for his smart tutorials on shooting and editing techniques, but let’s just say this experiment wasn’t one of his brightest moments. It turns out that McKinnon’s $6,000 1D X Mark II full-frame DSLR had a cracked microphone input, and before sending it in for repair, he decided to open it up himself and take a look.

After buying a few tools at the hardware store, McKinnon got to work. When he couldn’t find the hidden screws for opening the camera, that’s when he should have stopped. But, McKinnon is a persistent guy and kept going. We don’t have the heart to recount the gory details, so you’ll have to watch the video.

As you’ll see, there are two takeaways here: First, don’t attempt to do anything you see in the video. And secondly, it’s not a great idea to leave a microphone attached to a camera while you’re riding an ATV over bumpy terrain and the camera is in a bag resting on the cable.

You can find a bunch of stuff on McKinnon’s YouTube channel that is actually worth doing. And be sure to watch his two-minute tutorial on color space we posted, that may actually change your photography (in a good way).

Via ISO 1200