Watch This Incredible Controlled Burn Turn a Park's Grass from Gray to Green in Minutes

We've shared amazing footage of nature on Shutterbug before including this slow-moving lava flow consuming an entire car in Hawaii and this intense wind that appears to make a forest breathe.

In the below video we see what happens when fire crews create a controlled burn at a park in Spain that produces some very unusual results. In the clip, firefighters set a blanket of fluffy seeds from popular trees alight at Cidacos Park in Calahorra, a municipality in La Rioja, Spain. As the masses of white fluff of the popular seeds burns off from the fire, it reveals the bright green grass of the lawn below.

Along with being highly flammable and a major contributor to the spread of wildfire, this poplar fluff produces pollen, which can cause major health issues for people with allergies. So, burning off the white silky seeds is doubly beneficial to humans, along with being a quite a mind-blowing magic trick!