Step into a Time Machine with This Incredible 4K, 60FPS Footage of New York City in 1911

Here's something amazing to start your weekend off. The below video shows street scenes in New York City in 1911 but with a significant catch: the video quality has been boosted to 4K and 60 frames per second. It's also been sharpened, colorized, and ambient sounds have been added.

In short, it's almost like stepping into a time machine to see what NYC was really like back then. We've shared this incredible footage previously, but it looks even more mind-blowing with these recent upgrades. The video was posted on Denis Shiryaev's YouTube channel, which includes several other restorations of vintage footage.

The original film was shot by the Swedish company Svenska Biografteatern during a trip to America. Our favorite part occurs at the 4-minute mark, where the cameraman appears to hitch a ride on the back of a tram or a truck and captures a POV shot of a family crammed into an old car driving down what appears to be Broadway.

What’s also jarring is that while the people in the film are all, of course, dressed differently, many of the buildings, bridges and structures don’t look much different from today in New York. The more things change, the more then stay the same...