Woman Almost Falls Down the Grand Canyon During Horrifying Photo Shoot Gone Wrong (VIDEO)

The heart-stopping video below will (hopefully) make you rethink your next photo shoot at the Grand Canyon, or at any public place where there is eminent danger and you might not be paying attention. In the shocking video, a woman almost falls down the Grand Canyon while taking a photo of her mom.

The video was shot by an onlooker, Kevin Fox, who was watching the scene unfold from a smaller observation point on the south rim of the canyon. In Fox's video, 20-year-old Emily Koford can be seen on a nearby cliff backing up to get a better shot of her mom and the surrounding scenery in the background.

"Not watching where she is stepping, and with no guardrail to stop her, her right foot slips off the rock and almost sends her stumbling to the ground below," according to the video's page.

Fortunately, Emily was able to pull herself back up and receive a relieved embrace from her mom. The video was shot on October 28, 2019 at the Grand Canyon. Emily and her mom Erin were visiting the national park from Texas when their photo op almost took a terrible turn.

In the past, we've warned you about the dangers of shooting on train tracks, and the dangers of shooting selfies, so let's add this general PSA as well: always be very aware of your surroundings when taking pictures, no matter if you're at the Grand Canyon or taking a stroll to your local park.

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