Photo Basics: This Super Helpful 2-Minute Tip on Color Space Will Change Your Photography (VIDEO)

The more we understand about the inner workings of our camera, the better our images will be, right? In the video below, you‘ll see a quick demonstration of how a simple Color Space setting can have a dramatic impact on your photography.

In this episode of his "Two-Minute Tips” series, photographer Peter McKinnon explains that Color Space is the range of colors available to your camera, and that every photograph you make is a combination of red, green, and blue—hence the term RGB. The point here is that you can choose whether your camera captures images in “sRGB” or with the larger Color Space known as “Adobe RGB.”

The default setting of most cameras is sRGB, but McKinnon notes that the Adobe RGB Color Space is based upon the larger CMYK spectrum (cyan, yellow, magenta, and black) and typically offers much better results. And making the change is a simple matter of switching the setting.

McKinnon also notes that for consistent results it’s important to use the same Color Space in your apps and editing programs as you do in your camera. So check it out, broaden your Color Space, and improve the quality of your photos.

You can find much more of interest on McKinnon’s YouTube channel, and be sure to review another photo primer we posted recently on understanding your camera’s metering system.