Student Union - Sean Lamoureux

Sean Lamoureux
New Hampshire Institute of Art
Manchester, New Hampshire

Although Sean, a senior in the four-year BFA program, is well versed in digital photography--his work/study efforts call for him to photograph with a D-SLR--the images here were taken with a 4x5, a camera that's not only a part of his studies, but a preference as well. "I splurged and purchased a 4x5 during the first semester of my junior year," he says. "I was feeling a little detached from SLR photography. I like the idea of slowing down and paying more attention to my composition."

Sean's goals include exhibition of his work and attending graduate school to study fine art and photography. "No matter where I go from there," he says, "it'll have something to do with the arts. That's what my life revolves around."

All Photos © 2008, Sean Lamoureux, All Rights Reserved

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