Student Union - Nick Briggs

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Nick Briggs
East Union High School
Manteca, California

Goal. "I think photography will continue to be the family business."

The Business. "I started going along on wedding shoots with my dad about eight years ago when I was 9 years old. Pretty soon I was holding the slave flash for him and from there things progressed until I had a camera in my hands. Now I shoot my own weddings--the bookings come through my dad, but I have a book of my own work to show, and I hire friends from high school as assistants."

Why Weddings? "I love the atmosphere--people are always happy at weddings, and I like taking pictures of people who are smiling. I like to tell stories with my photos, from start to finish, and make a storybook out of the pictures."

Equipment. Nikon N90s, N8008s, SB-24 and 26 flash units; Quantum battery packs with Medalight slave units.

Currently. Senior at East Union High School; weekend wedding photographer.

Photo Education. "I was a yearbook photographer in my sophomore year in high school, but my education in photography has come from my dad and from myself, my own trial and error."

Future. "I'm pretty active in my youth group--I've done a lot of photography for them--and through that association I've been offered a four-year scholarship to study at a university in Japan. I'll have my choice of major, and I'm going to choose photography."

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