Student Union - Emily Morgan

Emily Morgan
Merrimack College
North Andover, Massachusetts

Stage Craft
When we spoke in mid-May, Emily was just finishing her freshman year at Merrimack.

Her work for the college’s Media Center gave her access to the campus production of Rent and the assignment to produce photos for promotion and publicity. “I’d never done that type of photography before,” she says. “It was learning on the job.” With no flash permitted, she shot at ISO 1300 and turned on the camera’s noise reduction function. “They staged one scene for me, then I stayed and shot during the rest of the rehearsal.”

Emily’s goal is a career in photography, and because she’s well aware that the business of photography is as much a part of success as the art and craft, she’s chosen to be a business major with a minor in graphic fine arts. “You can be a good photographer,” she says, “but unless you know how to run your business, no one will ever know about you.”

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Emily Morgan was recommended by Kevin Salemme, director of the Media Center, Department of Fine Arts at Merrimack College.

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