Student Union - David Calvert

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David Calvert
Reynolds School Of Journalism
University Of Nevada
Reno, Nevada


David is a sophomore at the Reynolds School, where there are two photojournalism classes offered, a beginning and an advanced course. He hasn't taken either yet, and by the time he does, he'll probably be qualified to teach them, as he's pretty much established his own course of study in the school of the real world by photographing for the university's communications office, the college paper, a local newspaper, and the town's sports magazine in addition to editing a campus documentary photography magazine. "If you want to get the most out of this school and the experiences it offers, you have to take advantage of all the opportunities," David says.

His ideal job out of college would be with a wire service--"for the challenging assignments." Further down the line, "Maybe a photo editor at a newspaper."

David Calvert was recommended by Ira Gostin, photojournalism instructor at the Reynolds School of Journalism.

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