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Manatee Community College
Bradenton, Florida

A licensed practical nurse, Adrienne took courses at Manatee Community College toward her registered nurse accreditation. She also studied photography. "Whenever I traveled, I was the picture-taker in the group," she says. "My friends said, why don't you do something with your photography, so I decided the first thing to do was learn more about it."

Adrienne is a travel nurse. "I'm signed up with an agency that places nurses wherever they're needed, anywhere in the country. You tell them where you want to go and you get an assignment there."

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She plans to continue studying photography and hopes to someday market her images for calendars and magazine illustrations. "Right now I'm using nursing to get to the places where the pictures are. One of the main reasons I stay in nursing is because it allows me to travel and do my photography."

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