SNL Spoofs Selfie Craze With Hilarious Hands-Free Selfie Stick Commercial (VIDEO)

The ridiculous selfie and selfie stick craze proved to be excellent fodder for a hilarious Saturday Night Live commercial spoof this past weekend, which we’ve embedded below.

While people are still obsessed with selfie sticks for taking selfie photos, these awkward devices do tend to make your arms tried from holding them so long. Enter the “Hands-Free Selfie Stick,” which offers a ridiculous, NSFW method for using a specially modified selfie stick “hands free.”

To put it bluntly (so to speak), you just stick this stick in “a place where the sun don’t shine” and snap your selfie.

Or as the commercial puts it: “When you want to take a picture, just clinch.”

Ok, this raunchy send-up might not be everyone’s type of humor but it is a pointed (so to speak) satire of all those brain-dead selfie stick photographers out there.

“Free up your creativity with the original hands-free selfie stick!”

If you liked SNL’s joke, you’ll likley love this hilarious fake public service announcement about “the dangers of selfie stick abuse.”