Hilarious Fake PSA Warns of the Dangers of Selfie Stick Abuse (VIDEO)

Kudos, Pizza Hut. You’ve created a very funny fake public service announcement (PSA) warning about “The Dangers of Selfie Sticks.” The video, which is embedded below, is led by motherly narrator who, at first, praises selfie photographers.

“Who hasn’t been thrilled by the self-photographer, those fabulous narce artists who allow us to bask in the brightness of their shine?" she asks. “But these egotastic specimens of visual self obsession are in danger, danger caused by this.”

She then displays a massive selfie stick.

The sarcastic advice that follows should garner a chuckle or two. (What this has to do with pizza and Pizza Hut we don’t know, but the company will likely get some viral “branding” out of this clip.)

If you think selfie stick culture has gone to far, check out our story on a hilariously sad new product: the Seflie Arm, which is designed to make it appear that you’re never alone, even when you’re shooting selfies.