ROAM–e Selfie Drone Follows You About Like a Puppy With a Camera

For those of you who hate selfie-sticks and think puppies are too much work, there’s this: The new ROAM-e selfie drone. Just enable the “Follow Me” mode and the drone will follow you obediently while never straying more than 10 feet away.

The unit has live-streaming capabilities so you can monitor the action in real time on your smartphone or tablet.

The camera on the $349 ROAM–e features a 5-megapizel sensor with real–time facial recognition and can capture 360° panoramas. It includes a sophisticated ARM Cortex M4 dedicated flight controller, 20–minute flight time, and quick, two-hour charging.

Smart Facial Recognition Technology means additional locating devices such as GPS tether watches are unnecessary. Plus, think about all the money you’ll save on puppy treats.

The ROAM-e seems like a stripped down version of the Lily "smart" camera drone, which also tracks and follows you. We wrote about Lily last year and shot some footage of it in action in NYC's Central Park. Below is a short demo video of the ROAM-e drone.