Ouch!: Watch a Falling Drone Take Out a Cyclist During a Bike Race (VIDEO)

Camera drones can be a great way to capture aerial footage of sporting events but they can also be a serious hazard when they crash. That’s what happened during a recent bike race in California where a drone ended up taking out one of the cyclists after it fell from the sky.

In the harrowing POV footage below shot by Kaito Clarke from the handlebars of one of the competing bikes, you’ll see the drone drop from the sky at about the .30-second mark. While the cyclist survives the initial impact of the drone, the UAV gets caught in his spokes and he eventually goes head over handlebars on his bike and then face plants onto the road.


In case you miss the drone vs. cyclist dustup the first time, the scene is replayed in slow-mo several times later in the clip.

It kinds of reminds us of this video where a falling drone nearly landed on a skier in the midst of a race. Be careful out there!