Would You Use an Aerial Drone To Shoot a Wedding? (VIDEO)

DJI launched its new Phantom 3 drone to much fanfare yesterday with potential pilots most jazzed about the surprisingly reasonable price ($1,259 for the Pro model, and $999 for the Advanced) and the new features (4K video and live streaming) of this UAV.

But wedding photographers and videographers today were buzzing about a video that DJI has released showing a wedding photographer using the Phantom 3 to capture a wedding. In the clip, which we’ve embedded below, wedding videographer Mitch Segura is shown capturing a wedding in the Alicante, Spain with a Phantom 3 hovering above the bride and groom and various celebrants.

While this is not the first time a drone has been used by a photographer or videographer at a wedding – they’ve been employed before with occasionally disastrous results – the fact that the Phantom 3 was used indoors by Segura during a church ceremony was surprising to many, especially since drones can be rather noisy.

The clip was, obviously, staged but it does show another potential use for this new visual tool. To get a different take on the same video, watch Jesse Rosten’s recut clip below the original version, showing “what it really sounded like” with buzzing and screetching drone audio edited in.