Watch What Happens When This Shark Jumps in a Boat and Gets Caught in the Rigging (VIDEO)

Just in case anyone plans on spending this weekend on the water shooting photos and doing a bit of fishing, we thought we’d share an insane video to get you pumped up for the trip.

As you can see in this clip from KTVU News, an energetic Mako shark took fishermen by surprise when it leapt into their boat and became tangled in the rigging. But worry not, because there’s a happy ending to this tangled fin tale.

And in case you’re unsure what’s going on as you watch the video, you can hear one of the boaters yelling “He jumped in the boat” about 30 times. It took a while for one of the fishermen to loop a rope around the shark’s tail and lower the beast to the water. It would have been easier to push the shark’s dorsal fin under the railing with a longer telephoto lens, but evidently all they had was a camera phone.

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