Watch a Huge Killer Whale Swim Casually by a Man in a Kayak (VIDEO)

Talk about a close encounter! What would you do if this happened you?

In the below slow-motion video shot in the arctic waters of northern Norway, a massive male orca (aka a killer whale) swims just few inches from a man paddling in a kayak. This could have been a dangerous encounter, but both the man and the orca seem rather calm as they pass close to each other.

I don’t know about you, but the sight of the orca’s gigantic dorsal fin would’ve given me the willies. It’s worth noting, however, that deadly incidents between orcas and humans in the wild are extremely rare.

It appears that the man has a GoPro camera on his head, so it will be interesting to see if there’s some POV video of the whale-man encounter.

In a similar vein, watch a massive bear sit casually down next to a photographer in this video shot in Alaska, and this footage of photographers calmly taking pictures as a giant alligator walks by them.

Via ViralViralVideos