Watch These Photographers Calmly Taking Pictures As the Biggest Alligator We’ve Ever Seen Walks By

I shared this on my personal Facebook page yesterday and it’s made the rounds of social media, but it’s definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it already. (And probably worth a re-watch even if you've seen it already.)

It’s video taken on Sunday at the Circle B Reserve in Lakeland, Florida of the biggest freakin’ alligator I’ve ever seen. What also got caught the attention of my Facebook friends are the gaggle of photographers behind the gator who calmly take pictures as this gigantic reptile appears out of nowhere and walks by.

According to ABC News, which shared this video yesterday, the alligator is crossing the reserve’s Marsh Rabbit Run. This may be an everyday occurrence at the reserve – could the gator be heading to its favorite swimming hole? – which might explain how the photographers found the right spot to photograph the alligator. (Though some might argue that their spot looks a little too close for comfort.)

Apparently, local residents have dubbed this magnificent creature “Humpback,” which I think is a little insulting. Godzilla or T-Rex seems much more appropriate.