Visit Ansel Adams’ Home and See His Commercial Color Work and Private Camera Collection (VIDEO)

If you’re like most photographers and are enthralled by everything about Ansel Adams, you won’t want to miss the video tour inside his home that we've embedded below. Ansel’s son Michael, who now lives in the home, provides interesting insight into his father’s lesser-known work and his love of teaching. We also get to take a look at some cameras from the master’s personal collection.

In the video below from Advancing Your Photography, Michael discusses his father’s passion for teaching and writing books. He also provides a look at Ansel’s commercial color work—like the famous Kodak Colorama in New York’s Grand Central station. These photographs were backlit transparencies 18 feet tall by 60 feet wide and were described as "The World's Largest Photographs."

After taking this tour, be sure to watch another recent video we posted in which Ansel’s daughter-in-law Jeanne shares some intimate stories about her father; and this one where his son discusses how Ansel made one of his most famous photos. 

You can see more from Advancing Your Photography on their YouTube channel.