Watch Ansel Adams’ Son Discuss How His Father Made His Most Famous Photo (VIDEO)

Here’s a great video to get you inspired. In the clip from Advancing Your Photography, Ansel Adams’ son Michael discusses how his father made what is perhaps his most famous photo: “Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico."

Michael Adams was seven years old at the time, and he was in the car with his father as they were driving back to Santa Fe, New Mexico when Ansel suddenly saw the image he wanted to shoot. He quickly pulled the car over, got out and went to work making this iconic photo. Assisting Ansel were Michael and Cedric Wright, a famous photographer in his own right, who also happened to be in the car.

“It was a spur of the moment-type thing at the end of the day,” Michael says about his father’s sudden urge to shoot a photo that’s become the subject of countless photography classroom discussions and imaging textbooks the world over.

Check out the video below to hear Michael tell the full tale. It’s a fascinating, inspiring, and educational story.

Via ISO 1200