Ansel Adams' Daughter-in-Law Reveals Intimate Behind-the-Scenes Stories On the Master (VIDEO)

Jeanne Adams is Ansel Adams’ daughter-in-law and she ran the master’s gallery for 25 years. In this intimate interview from Advancing Your Photography, she provides some never-before-heard stories about Ansel’s iconic career.

In discussing Ansel’s portraiture, Jeanne explains that he didn’t “take” photographs, he “made” them. Hence, he never hesitated to pose subjects for the effect he envisioned. She also describes Ansel’s unique teaching style and provides some insight into the man as well as the photographer.

You’ll also get the back-story on some of Adams' iconic images, including his famous photo of artist Georgia O’Keefe and her ranch manager that was uncharacteristically shot in 35mm.

You can see more from Marc Silber on the Advancing Your Photography website. And after watching the video below, take a look at this earlier video we posted about the master.