UK Photographer Miss Aniela Lets Her Unique Images Do the Talking in This Visual Q&A (VIDEO)

With a visual medium like photography it’s sometimes easier to gain inspiration by observing, rather than by listening or reading. In the two-minute video below, British photographer Miss Aniela reveals the secrets to her unique work without speaking a word.

The folks at the Cooperative of Photography (COOPH) posed nine questions to Aniela for this latest in their “Visual Q&A” series, designed to encourage photographers to include visual storytelling as part of their repertoire.

Aniela is a fine art photographer whose images often convey a sense of surreal fashion. The photographs in the video represent her answers to questions regarding her lifestyle, what she finds inspiring, and what she considers a great shot. Aniela also provides visual responses about lessons she’s learned and where she goes when her eyes are closed.

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