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Patricia Auger
Northwest College
Powell, Wyoming

"I've been doing photography since I was little," Patricia told us, "but probably not correctly." Well, we don't know about that, but she does credit Northwest's introductory photo course with making her realize that she really wanted to pursue photography as a career. In addition to her studies, she's been shooting sports for the school paper.

Overall she prefers portraiture and hopes to someday open her own portrait studio. "I like intimate portraits," she says, "a little bit on the unusual side." Although portraits will be her main focus, she says she wants to "keep searching and looking at all the things around me. There are so many opportunities out there."


© 2003, Patricia Auger, All Rights Reserved

Patricia created the image you see here, which she calls "Back to Blues," to fulfill a class assignment. "We were asked to interpret the word blue. I did it all with blue lights, and it was a way to experiment in the studio."

Patricia will graduate from Northwest College this month.

Patricia Auger was recommended to us by J.L. Wooden, photography instructor at Northwest College.

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