Student Union - Nick Burden

Nick Burden
Mountain Vista High School
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

A junior at Mountain Vista, Nick’s photography has received awards from Nature’s Best Photography for Kids magazine and the North American Nature Photography Association. His interest in photography stems from his father, a professional photographer. He remembers photographing with an old Konica his dad gave him when he was 10. “When the pictures came back, he was actually surprised,” Nick says. “Though they lacked something, they definitely weren’t snapshots.”

He’s thinking of attending art school after graduation and would likely major in photography and pursue other art interests.

Nick’s photo studies at Mountain Vista have taken him from darkroom to digital, and the practice of one discipline has led to the lessons of the other. “I don’t do a lot of Photoshop manipulation,” he says. “I kind of limit myself to the idea that if it’s something I can do in a darkroom—like adjust contrast—then I’ll do it in digital.”

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