Student Union - Kari Atkinson

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Lansing Community College
Lansing, Michigan

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Points Of Interest

Kari is in the last semester of the three year Photo Imaging Technology program.

Early Interest
"I started taking pictures when I was eight years old. I took photography all through high school. I knew this was what I wanted to do."

After Graduation
"Right now I'm in the process of applying to R.I.T. I thought a lot about going there and finally decided it's what I want. My future concentration is going toward digital and image manipulation. I want to know that area and work in it because I feel that photography is moving in that direction, and I want to make sure I have that experience."

"Definitely to be a professional photographer, but I haven't decided in what field. Right now I want to pursue commercial photography, maybe work in a studio."

"Of course Ansel Adams, and I like John Sexton's work. I also like to look through Richard Avedon's work just to get inspiration for my informal portraits."

"She's my cousin, so it was easy for me to work with her. I had her play in the studio. We were having a good time, and I just kept shooting. When I photograph people I don't know very well I try to find out what they're interested in and make them comfortable by talking about those things."

Kari Atkinson was recommended to us by John Rocco, professor of Photo Imaging Technology at Lansing Community College.

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