Student Union - Jimmy Hickey

Jimmy Hickey
Central Catholic High School
Portland, Oregon

Field Test
Jimmy is a senior at the school, and although he’s taken photo classes, he says that he’s learned almost all of what he knows “through trial and error as well as help from other, more established photographers.”

It was sports that turned his photography interest into a passion. “A friend was photographing paintball events that I played in. I was fascinated by how he got all this respect as a photographer on the field and how he was having a good time out there taking cool pictures, and I thought I wanted to do that, too.” He started shooting paintball pictures on days he wasn’t playing and pretty soon realized “that photography was something I enjoyed doing. I branched out to shoot just about everything I could.”

At the time we spoke Jimmy was shooting for the yearbook and covering the school’s sports events as well as local athletic teams. He plans on attending Seattle Central Community College—“they have a really impressive commercial photography program”—and pursuing a career in commercial and sports photography.

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