Student Union - Grant Westhoff

Grant Westhoff
Edwardsville High School
Edwardsville, Illinois

Let’s see…sports, politics, music, senior portraits. No surprise, as Grant Westhoff, a senior at Edwardsville High School, is on the staff of the school yearbook, freelances for a local newspaper, and photographs for the school district.

On his own, he shoots senior portraits for friends. Another day, another different assignment.
You can’t tell from our selection here, but what Grant likes best is nature photography—“it’s my real passion,” he says—though he knows it wouldn’t have given him the opportunity to photograph Barack Obama at a fall 2008 rally in Springfield, Illinois.

All Photos © 2009, Grant Westhoff, All Rights Reserved

Grant has applied to Webster University in St. Louis. “It’s a small university with a very good art program,” he says. With an interest in several aspects of art, he says that he’s especially intrigued by the art that helps make movies—art direction, computer-generated special effects, and matte painting. “I’d like to learn about the art that goes into films.”

Grant Westhoff was recommended by Kim Niemietz, advisor to the yearbook at Edwardsville High School.

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