Student Union - Erik Anderson

Erik Anderson
Rock Valley College
Rockford, Illinois

All Things Considered
What’s surprising is that formal photographic studies are still in Erik’s future. He began taking photographs less than a year ago. “My dad’s a stringer for the Post Journal in northern Illinois,” Erik says. “He shoots a lot of sports teams, and I was looking at his photographs and thinking, this is amazing, being able to capture the essence of a moment. I said, ‘Can I borrow one of your cameras? I want to try this.’”

He tried it, and now he’s on the staff of his school’s newspaper and is a contributing photographer to the Post Journal. Once he completes his Associate Arts degree at Rock Valley, he plans on attending Northern Illinois University to study photography in the school’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program.

While his goal is a career in sports photography—“I want to end up shooting for an NFL team or working for Sports Illustrated”—the photos here reflect his interest in nature and portraiture as well.

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