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Emily Spartz
Ridgewater College
Willmar, Minnesota

Art Forms

Emily is in the second year of the photography program at the two-year college. She will graduate this semester.

"Ridgewater offers courses in portrait, commercial, and digital photography, and they teach you everything from the basics of operation on all formats to lab work and lighting. They also teach the business end of photography; right now I'm taking a studio operations course that includes material on knowing how to price your work. There's also instruction on communications
skills and writing a resume."

Photos © 2002, Emily Spartz

Second Choice
"It was just a lark that I picked the photography program. I was looking at the school's art programs, but when they showed me the photography department, I thought, this would be good for me. I'd studied art in high school, but I didn't know if my art work was good enough."

"A career in commercial and portrait photography. I enjoy the story-telling aspect of portraits and the illustrative aspect of commercial photography."

"Dorothea Lange. You can see the emotion in everything she did."

"Photography is my way to be creative without drawing or painting. You still have to be artistic, have a style and the technical skills. I think photography is just another way to be an artist. There are so many different ways you can be creative with photography."

The Complete Picture
"My assignment was `silverware,' and I added everything else. I styled the photo, the food, did the lighting, then processed and printed the photographs."

Emily Spartz was recommended to us by Keith Grothem, photography department chairman at Ridgewater College.

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