Student Union - David Field

Photos © 2004, David Field, All Rights Reserved

David Field
Savannah College Of Art And Design
Savannah, Georgia

Sweet Science

When we spoke to David he was a few weeks from graduation. "I have plans to move up to New York and look for a job in the city," he says. Knowing it'll be hard to get something right out of school, an internship isn't out of the question--"your chances of being able to work for free are a lot higher than getting paid." He hopes to do advertising photography eventually, but his first priority is building a style--"a recognizable look to my work, so I can someday get the kind of big ad campaigns that come to photographers with that kind of personality to their photography."

The photos here are a result of David's interest in boxing and a class portraiture assignment. "It evolved into a year-long project and, eventually, a show of my black and white boxing portraits." We liked his color images for their intensity and found out later they demonstrated imaging cleverness as well as photographic skill. The boxers didn't have a lot of time to pose, so what you see are carefully planned composites of authentic gym backgrounds and athletes photographed against a studio's white seamless. "The trick," David says, "was to photograph the boxers in the way that was easiest for them."

David Field was recommended by professor Rebecca Nolan, photojournalism instructor at Savannah College of Art And Design.

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