Student Union - Christina Cantu

© Christina Cantu

Lorena Tarrés
Paier College Of Art
Hamden, Connecticut

Lorena graduated in May from Paier, a private college offering a two-year
program in photography.

"The program offers commercial as well as fine art photography courses. I took, among other courses, black and white, product photography, history of photography and historical processes."

© Lorena Tarrés, 2000

"I'm holding two jobs--as a photo technician at Yale University's School
of Medicine and as an assistant to a New York City fashion photographer."

"To be a fashion photographer in New York City. And I'd like to travel around Chile, where I'm from, to photograph the country for a book. And after I've learned as much as I can from different experiences, I want to have a studio and darkroom at home, where I could do my own fine art photography."

"John Sexton, Edward Weston, Walker Evans, and Ansel Adams. And Joseph Boudreau, the director of the school's photography program. He's very tough, he made me work very hard, but he made me stronger and prepared me for the future."

© Lorena Tarrés, 2000

Special Project
"Someday I would like to photograph the home of the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. I once photographed his house, but not the inside, and I would like to do that. I've always loved his poetry, but I learned to appreciate many of his poems even more by seeing the places he wrote about."

"I like working in black and white with very dramatic lighting. I've been doing figure studies, specifically the female form. Sometimes women are exploited or demeaned in photographs, and I want to express their form as something beautiful in itself and to show that it's okay to feel good about the beauty that's in ourselves and others."

Lorena Tarrés was recommended to us by Joseph Boudreau, head of the photography department at Paier College Of Art.

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