Student Union - Carly Cassara

Carly Cassara
Souderton Area High School
Souderton, Pennsylvania

Sight Lines
Access is everything if you want to do the kind of performance photography Carly loves to do, and her approach to securing a position at the front of the stage is direct: “I usually e-mail the band’s publicist or manager, or one of the band members and see if they can get my name on the list.”

A sophomore at Souderton, Carly plans to study photography in college and pursue it as a career. While it’s still early for decisions, she mentions The University of the Arts in Philadelphia as a school she’s looking at.

Though we chose a selection of black-and-white photos, Carly’s rock shots also include color images. For her, black and white is often a practical as well as an esthetic choice. “Sometimes the red lights used at concerts don’t work out too well when I’m shooting in color,” she says, “but I think they make black-and-white pictures look a lot better.”

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