Student Union - Bruce Folck

Photos © 2001, Bruce Folck, All Rights Reserved

Laney College
Oakland, California

Test Results
"Making a living at photography would take the fun out of it," Bruce Folck says. Semi-pro will do: "I've done promo photos for bands and a local radio station, and landscapes and portraits." His living is made as a computer programmer.

"Right now I'm in the professional photography course at Laney. The instructors take you through every type of job a pro might get, from tabletop to architecture."

Bruce made the angel photo for the portfolio of the costume's creator. The long-haired lady is a concept come to life. The antlered warrior is, uh, what exactly is going on there, Bruce?

"That's a hard one to track down. I have an interest in swords and sorcery, dungeons and dragons, and I wanted to bring some of that to a portrait blending cultural roots and mythological imagery. And I like to test limits."

Bruce Folck was recommended to us by Steve Lomba, a photography instructor at Laney College Do you know a student whose work deserves recognition? If so, contact our editorial department by e-mail: or call (321) 269-3212.