Student Union - Bridget Cruttenden

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Upper Arlington High School
Upper Arlington, Ohio

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Bridget is a senior at Upper Arlington High School. In the fall she will enter the University of Cincinnati as a photography major.

The Program
"Upper Arlington offers beginning, intermediate, and advanced photo courses. You can also take independent studies, where you work with the instructors and basically set your own goals. It allows for work outside the curriculum to explore an area you like."

"I started the photography courses in my junior year, pretty much as an elective that I thought I might be interested in, but once I started I was totally hooked. I'm going to major in fine art photography at the University of Cincinnati this fall."

"I'd love to work for a travel magazine or travel book publisher and be able to travel and do photography."

"I'm really interested in the Civil War-I do re-enacting-so definitely Mathew Brady and Timothy O'Sullivan, the pioneers at that time. And I really like and admire the work of Edward Weston-he's one of my favorites."

Friends And Family
"The fountain is at the Confederate White House in Richmond, Virginia. Those are my cousins, and we were there on a family vacation. I develop and print my own work, and I got that effect by painting the developer on with a paintbrush. I took 'Snow Girl' when one of my friends just started making a snow angel."

Bridget Cruttenden was recommended to us by Elizabeth Chrisman, a photography instructor at Upper Arlington High School.

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