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Ben Haynes
Herkimer County Community College
Herkimer, New York

The Others

Things got really interesting for Ben after he'd completed the required curriculum at the college. That's when he began to seek out ideas on his own, and when he learned about photographers like Joel-Peter Witkin, Diane Arbus, and Aaron Siskind.

These photos were taken with a Holga camera, a decidedly low-tech instrument that many find perfect for rendering their particular vision. "Photography for me has always been both a means of self-expression as well as self-examination," Ben says.

He's particularly interested in interpretive photography of those things that "may go unseen or unnoticed."

Ben recently earned his associate's degree in photographic technology and is currently pursuing fineart photography.

Ben Haynes was recommended to us by Gale R. Farley, assistant of Photographic Technology at the College.

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