The Revolutionary 52-Megapixel Light L16 “Computational Camera” Is Now Shipping

When the previously unknown and aptly named company Light unveiled their L16 “Multi-Aperture Computatioal Camera” back in October 2015, the device was heralded as a pocket-size technological wonder that would compete with modern DSLRs in a number of ways. And now, after several upgrades and delays, the L16 is finally shipping to pre-order customers.

In addition to all the oohs and ahs at the 2015 introduction, the Light L16 was greeted with a fair amount of skepticism, primarily because nobody had ever seen a high-res compact camera equipped with 16 13-megapixel smartphone-size camera modules at focal lengths of 35mm, 70mm, and 150mm.

The concept is that shooting a photograph at multiple apertures and focal lengths captures a greater amount of image data, and permits users to modify both focal length and depth of field later. There has been some promising claims regarding image quality as well.

Subsequent to the introduction, Light announced that the production model would feature a 28-150mm optical zoom equivalent, rather than the original 35-150mm range, and they increased the built-in memory from 128GB to 256GB. They also noted that customers who preordered the camera at $1,299 would receive the upgrades at no additional cost.

So now the dream appears to be a reality with Light beginning shipments to all those who preordered the L16. According to the company, they will be taking new orders later this year and you can sign up for an email notification by visiting their website. You can read our story about the 2015 introduction here

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I have been wanting this since they announced it. If you all need a tester for this hit me up! I would love to take this out in the Smoky's.