Mamiya Leaf Announces 50MP Leaf Credo 50 Medium Format Camera System Using CMOS Sensor

A venerable name in medium format photography has announced a long-awaited new system: the new 50-megapixel, CMOS sensor-based Leaf Credo 50. The Leaf Credo 50 was unveiled by Mamiya Leaf this morning, 14 years after the CMOS-based 6MP Leaf C-MOST digital back was announced at photokina 2000.

50MP CMOS sensors have appeared in several new medium-format camera systems recently, including the Pentax 645Z, Hasseblad H5Dc, and Phase One IQ250, all of which have been able to produce relatively low noise images at high ISOs. The Credo 50, can shoot from ISO 100 to 6400, and, like the other CMOS-based medium format systems, is designed to give photographers the ability to capture high resolution photos in a range of lighting conditions while still producing crisp results.

All four cameras appear to use the same 50MP, 44 x 33mm CMOS chip, manufactured by Sony.

“The Leaf Credo 50 simply gives photographers more options,” Ziv Argov, Vice President, Mamiya Leaf said in a news release. “Its Sony 50 MP CMOS sensor enables full-resolution image captures up to ISO 6400. Its new image processor improves Live View performance and data flow, while expanding dynamic range to 14-stops. For wedding, portrait, fashion and action shooting, this system delivers.”

Here are some other key features of the new Leaf Credo 50:

• Live View on the digital back’s rear LCD for framing subjects and selective autofocusing

• Long exposures of up to one hour

• Large, 3.2-inch touch screen display on back with 1.15MP resolution

• 14 f/stops of dynamic range (according to Mamiya Leaf)

• Enhanced image processor reportedly offering faster and cleaner Live View, 2.3GB data flow, 1.2 frames per second shooting and faster read/write speeds.

You can read the full specifications of the Leaf Credo 50 here:

The Mamiya Leaf Credo 50 digital back can be ordered now for $26,995. The full Mamiya Leaf Credo 50 system, which includes the camera body, sells for $30,995. Shipping starts on September 16, 2014.

There is also a wide-spectrum back option for Near IR and UV imaging, though pricing has not been released for that set-up yet.

If you’re attending photokina 2014 in Germany next week, the new Leaf Credo 50 will be on display in Hall 04.1 at Stand B040 C048.