Can You Tell the Difference Between a Print from a 102MP Camera & an iPhone?

What's the difference between the 102MP Fujifilm GFX 100S and the 12MP iPhone 13 Pro Max? A lot more than just megapixels.

When you compare prints made from the high resolving Fujifilm medium format camera and the pocket-sized Apple smartphone, you should be able to spot a BIG difference between the two devices, according to photographer Mark Denney. In the below video, Denney compares images shot with the $8600 GFX 100S vs the $1100 iPhone both on a monitor and when printed.

"Specifically speaking, we compare not only the image results on a large monitor, but also the results when each image is printed big," Denney says.

"So, I recently posted a photo taken with my iPhone 13 Pro Max and received a ton of questions as to my thoughts on whether or not I think a camera phone will ever be a replacement for a camera. I never like to say never, but I don't think we are at that point just yet, but how close are we? In this video, we find out just how close the results are from arguably the best camera on the market for landscape photography (Fuji GFX100s) and the best camera phone (iPhone 13 Pro Max)."

You can jump to the monitor comparison between images from the Fujifilm GFX 100S and the iPhone 13 Pro Max at the 5:10-minute mark in the video below. You can find the print comparison between the two cameras at the 10:40-mark in the clip.

Check out the comparison and tell us what you think. Do you think a camera phone will ever replace a real camera, let alone a medium format monster with a large sensor and tons of resolution? How close or how far apart are these two devices really at right now?