Introduction to Shooting Video: How to Set Up Your DSLR for the First Time (VIDEO)

Today’s modern DSLRs offer powerful video capabilities and even if your passion is still photography, shooting an occasional video can be a lot of fun—and sometimes addicting. To get you started, the basic tutorial below demonstrates setting up a camera for your first video shoot.

British photographer/cinematographer Victoria Grech walks you through all the pertinent camera modes, and with a bit of practice you’ll feel just as confident about shooting videos as you do about still photography.

Grech begins by showing you how to activate your camera Live View and enable the “Stills and Movies” mode so you can shoot both. She recommends turning on grid lines in the display and explains why manual focus is her preference. The tutorial takes the mystery out of frame rates by explaining the options available and which setting is best for different types of videos.

Grech also covers picture profiles, sound settings and much more with a simple, easy-to-follow approach.

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