How To Capture “Bokeh Madness” Using a 85mm F/2 Russian Lens (Video)

The term bokeh refers to a photographic effect that features soft, out of focus areas in an image. The brief video embedded below shows how to use a Russian-made Jupiter 9 85mm F/2 lens and a tilt ring adapter on a mirrorless camera to create stunning videos with a beautiful bokeh background look.

Created by photographer Mathieu Stern, this is the second lesson in the "Weird Lens Challenge" series on YouTube. (Here's the first clip which showed what happens when you put a 105-year-old lens on a mirrorless camera.)

For the new video, Stern attaches the Jupiter 9 85mm f/2 lens, which he refers to as the “Bokeh monster,” with the diaphragm open to the max and mounts it on a Sony A7II camera body with the tilt ring.

As you'll see in the clip, the bokeh from the lens set-up adds a beautiful fine art look and a romantic feel to the sample video that elevates the work to a new level of creativity.